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Advice on Fit-to-Fly
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A "fit-to-fly" or "evacuation" decision is perhaps the most difficult part of preparation. Airlines will just accept patients who are really fit to fly! They must be stable for several days, may not have certain medication, may not carry multi resistant germs or have a contagious disease. If in any doubt, it will become an air ambulance transfer.
To make a correct judgment, you need actual and reliable medical information. This often is a problem, not even in remote countries, but also a known problem in several European countries. Without this, one can never make a real "fit-to-fly" certificate. We then declare it an "evacuation" with a higher chance of adverse medical events during transfer.
It takes many years of active involvement in world wide patient transfers to have enough experience to make a good estimation on local situation, on reliability of medical information, on local occurence of multi-resistant germs, and on local operational difficulties.


With our more than 20 years of world wide experience in patient transfers, our advice and recommendations are very close to reality. We brought our experience together with information from the UN/WHO and several assistance companies into a world map, defining five health standard levels. The colours show the average health standard, even if  one hospital or university clinic might be better than that.

This map is just one aspect in making a fit-to-fly decision, but it shows our commitment to providing an as-good-as possible service to the patients.


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