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Commercial Medical Escorts

The amount of equipment is limited by airline regulations and carrying capability of the medical escort. Within the hand-luggage dimensioned trolley basic monitoring as well as treatment of common flight related side effects must be granted.

Besides that we can take more extensive monitoring, and we own several of the most modern oxygen concentrators. They provide more oxygen per minute compared to the commonly installed oxygen bottles by airlines.

When a stretcher is needed, it can take much longer before an airline can install it (depending on booking numbers). These patients are more vulnerable than the seated business class patients, and need more equipment. This can mean a vacuume mattress and more nursing material. All this needs to be communicated with and accepted by the airline before commencing a transfer.

Depending on the airline and age of plane / interior, electrical power outlets can be limited or not present at all.

Our standardised trolleys are packed according more than 20 years of experience.

Six identical ones are positioned close to several international airports within the BeNeLux and Germany.

Standard monitoring consists of manual blood-pressure measurement and pulse-oximetry.

We always have our ultra-compact ECG monitoring with us. The size is close to a credit card and brings more assurance whether a patient still has a normal sinus rhythm or changed into atrial flutter / fibrillation.

For cardiac patients we can include our larger Propaq LT multi-lead monitor, which will more accurately show possible ST-segment changes. 

(220 V outlet required for long range flights) 

In all our trolleys blood-glucose-measuring is included.

Many symptoms (including neurologic) may be originated by hypoglycaemia (too low blood-sugar).

On demand, we can take one of our Inogen one-G5 oxygen concentrators with us, which can provide up to 6 litres of on-demand oxygen per minute.

We have enough large spare batteries to comply with airline demands. With 220 V outlet available there even is safety redundancy.

All airlines with a good reputation carry an automated external defibrillator (AED) on every airplane. 

Low cost carriers on shorter distances sometimes do not! For these situations we can take one of our own AEDs with us.

We will always carry a medication set, containing oral and intravenous medication, inhalers and infusions to cope most common side effects of flying as well as most common medical emergencies. As our patients are screened and given clearance by several medical entities before flight, medical emergency situations are extremely seldom. 


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