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Some diseases will not be accepted aboard airliners, some vulnerations require special lower flight levels, some patients are not stable enough, and sometimes the connections offered by airlines are not fitting.

This is where the air ambulance jet must be chosen! Equipped like an intensive care bed in hospital, and staffed with medical ICU professionals from large teaching hospitals (Maastricht, Rotterdam, Utrecht, and Amsterdam university in the Netherlands, and Mainz, Cologne, Duesseldorf and Münster university in Germany), we have the knowledge and the experience to achieve a positive result for these often challenging missions. More than 2000 critical care patients have been flown by our staff, from more than 100 countries worldwide.

We are located on Maastricht-Aachen International Airport (EHBK). The map shows our departure airports for air ambulance missions: 

Yellow plane on orange square: our base. Orange plane on yellow square: accredited partner companies